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Alpha is an opportunity to bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to unpack life, deal with hurt, find healing, and explore faith. At Alpha, you will experience a community of respect and honor, where everyone gets to share what they think or feel without judgement. Most importantly, Alpha is a no-pressure environment; nobody tells you what to think, gives you unsolicited advice, judges you, or condemns you. Here, your feelings and your ideas are important, and you are valuable. Because you matter.


Alpha starts with food. We provide dinner, free–Alpha is completely free. Over dinner, you get to talk about whatever you want (there is no agenda) and make friends.

A Short Film

After dinner, Alpha moves to its next part: a short film. Each week, we watch a short film of some (mostly British) people presenting a different aspect of faith. Each film is around 30 minutes long, most slightly less. During the film, you can take notes if you want, or just listen and enjoy the show. Feel free to gather all the questions you have, even if they don’t seem completely related. They will be useful in what comes next…


After the talk, we get to the main event: a discussion. At the discussion, you can say whatever you want, share want you think, talk about your feelings and what you’ve gone through, and listen to what other guests have to say. Nobody will tell you you are right or wrong, and there are no correct answers. This is a time for you to unpack what you have heard, share your life, ask questions, and challenge anything you want. You will join a small group of roughly 10 people, and each group will have a host who poses questions to get discussion running and helps to make sure everybody who wants to talk gets to talk. Some guests are full of thoughts and questions, while others prefer to listen and observe, your choice. Again, there are no correct answers: the host’s job is just to help keep the discussion going and listen to what you have to say without judgement.

After about 45 minutes, the discussion will close and Alpha will end. We may have a closing announcement or two, but that is all. Those who wish may linger and chat.

Alpha Weekend

Everyone who decides to stick with Alpha will be invited to a weekend getaway. At the Alpha Weekend, you will have more focused time to explore and discuss, make friends, and have fun. We hope you enjoy it! Like all of Alpha, the Alpha Weekend is completely free of charge, though you may have opportunities to go out to eat together if you wish. There will also be downtime for you to think and process and do whatever you want.

And that’s it. That’s Alpha. Millions of people around the world have been a part of Alpha, and people love it. If you want to hear stories from real people who have tried Alpha, here is a link to Youtube where you can enjoy their testimonies.

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