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Psalm 12

The Godly Are No More

For the choirmaster. According to Sheminith. a A Psalm of David.

1Help, O LORD, for the godly are no more;

the faithful have vanished from among men.

2 They lie to one another;

they speak with flattering lips and a double heart.

3 May the LORD cut off all flattering lips

and every boastful tongue.

4 They say, “With our tongues we will prevail.

We own our lips—who can be our master?”

5 “For the cause of the oppressed

and for the groaning of the needy,

I will now arise,” says the LORD.

“I will bring safety to him who yearns.”

6 The words of the LORD are flawless,

like silver refined in a furnace,

like gold purified sevenfold. b 

7 You, O LORD, will keep us;

You will forever guard us from this generation.

8 The wicked wander freely,

and vileness is exalted among men.



1 a Sheminith is probably a musical term; here and in 1 Chronicles 15:21 and Psalm 6:1.
6 b Probable reading; MT like silver refined in a furnace of clay, purified sevenfold

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