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Psalm 14

The Fool Says There Is No God
(Psalm 53:1–6; Isaiah 59:1–17; Romans 3:9–20)

For the choirmaster. Of David.

1The fool a says in his heart,

“There is no God.”

They are corrupt; their acts are vile.

There is no one who does good.

2 The LORD looks down from heaven

upon the sons of men

to see if any understand,

if any seek God.

3 All have turned away,

they have together become corrupt; b 

there is no one who does good,

not even one. c 

4 Will the workers of iniquity never learn?

They devour my people like bread;

they refuse to call upon the LORD.

5 There they are, overwhelmed with dread,

for God is in the company of the righteous.

6 You sinners frustrate the plans of the oppressed,

yet the LORD is their shelter.

7 Oh, that the salvation of Israel would come from Zion!

When the LORD restores His captive people,

let Jacob rejoice, let Israel be glad!



1 a The Hebrew words rendered fool throughout the Psalms denote one who is morally deficient.
3 b LXX worthless
3 c Cited in Romans 3:10–12

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