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Psalm 99

The LORD Reigns!
(Psalm 93:1–5)

1 The LORD reigns;

let the nations tremble!

He is enthroned above the cherubim;

let the earth quake!

2 Great is the LORD in Zion;

He is exalted above all the peoples.

3 Let them praise Your great and awesome name—

He is holy! a 

4 The mighty King loves justice. b 

You have established equity;

You have exercised justice

and righteousness in Jacob.

5 Exalt the LORD our God,

and worship at His footstool;

He is holy!

6 Moses and Aaron were among His priests;

Samuel was among those who called on His name.

They called to the LORD and He answered.

7 He spoke to them from the pillar of cloud;

they kept His decrees and the statutes He gave them.

8 O LORD our God, You answered them.

You were a forgiving God to them,

yet an avenger of their misdeeds.

9 Exalt the LORD our God

and worship at His holy mountain,

for the LORD our God is holy.



3 a Or it is holy!
4 b Or The might of the King loves justice.

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