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God Believes In You

May 12, 2021 by Vineyard Trailblazers

We believe our God and King, Jesus Christ, is very interested in getting to know you. He believes you have tremendous potential for His kingdom. He knows and understands all you have gone through, and He wants you to know that He loves you immensely. He has an incredible destiny planned specifically for you, and He is ready to get you started on it right now, if you are up for it.

Vineyard Trailblazers’ church mission is to help you hear God’s voice, experience His power and love, become His adopted son or daughter, and join His ever-growing, diverse, worldwide family full of people just like you. We will help you discover your true identity, as He created you to be, fill your life with purpose, build you up in honor, cleanse you with innocence, and send you out in power. Have you met Jesus before? Would you like to get to know Him better right now?