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God Heals Back Pain At The Park

July 27, 2021 by Vineyard Trailblazers

I was at the park by the airport for about two hours after dropping my mom off at the airport. We were there for so long because I spent most of that time trying to work up the courage to talk to a woman there. I kept feeling like God was telling me that she had back lower back pain. Finally, ten minutes before we really had to leave, I asked her and she said, “Yes my back is killing me, like all of the time.” So I asked to pray for it and she thanked me. Her friend started asking me how I knew that and what it’s like to hear that from God, etc. Later, as my son and I were walking across the park after retrieving his scooter, I was beating myself up mentally for waiting so long to ask after they were so receptive and blah blah… I heard the friend call for me as we are almost to my car. They both ran up, and the first woman said, “I have to tell you: my back doesn’t hurt anymore! It just cracked, and the pain was gone!” I thanked her for telling me, and I praised God. I thank God for his faithfulness and love toward those of us who struggle with being cowardly.