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God Loved First

January 15, 2021 by Vineyard Trailblazers

In preparing to send out our first prayer letter, we were praying for messages from God for each and every recipient. At first, I was looking at the recipients’ names and praying for them, but soon I tried something different: I started praying for a word before I looked at who it was for. What was incredible was to see how God was moving. For example, I received a message praising one recipient for years of service in ministry; upon turning over the envelope, I discovered that the recipient was a couple who has been faithfully serving in a church for a long time. The message was one I could have made in my own mind had I known the recipient, but my not knowing who, God knew, and He made it clear that it was He who was speaking.

So as you go, think about this: whenever you think about someone and the wonderful things about him, take a moment to share a message of honor and encouragement. It may be God speaking through you! And when you pray for a word and it feels like all the positive things you think are what you would normally think, don’t be afraid: God thought those things first. Tell him how much He loves him.