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May 12, 2021 by Vineyard Trailblazers

We believe that church is for God first: we gather to worship Jesus together. Second, church is for active Christians to celebrate what Jesus has done for them. We expect God to be there, and our weekly church services are the primary time for Christians to experience God together, not focusing on evangelistic messages or attracting and inviting people who are not Christians to church. Our Bible teaching is designed to lift up, inspire, equip, and empower believers to go out and be the church in the world, to advance the Kingdom of Jesus to the farthest reaches of heaven and earth. Everyone is welcome to come and try it out. We experience God for real. There is lots of prayer–engaging, active prayer–where people pray for you personally and help you to hear God’s voice yourself. Everyone goes away encouraged and feeling included.

If you are looking for an encouraging, active church that expects God to act, Vineyard Trailblazers Church in State College, PA, may be the place for you!