Giving options:

Our sending church, Vineyard Base Camp of Manassas, VA, started us off with a donation that has covered 100% of overhead costs, including fundraising expenses and initial resource purchases. We, ourselves, have also and will continue to donate substantially to the startup of this church. In addition to what we have already given, we have pledged to donate 10% of all our income (pre-tax) to this cause.

Consequently, what we need is not resources but time. When you donate, you give us the time we need to be out in the community, meeting people, telling them about Jesus. You give us the time we need to teach, disciple, and love people from all over the world. You give us the time to make more stories like the ones you can read on our blog, to bring abundant life to everyone we meet.

Our fundraising goal of $323,646.89 per year will help us

Remember, 100% of overhead costs are already covered by our sending church. Your donation goes straight to sharing Jesus.

Here are some ideas:

You can give us more time with people who need Jesus right now!

Giving options:

*Donations to Vineyard Trailblazers, a 501c4 nonprofit organization, are not tax-deductible. Church/501c3 donors or individuals requiring tax-deductible giving may make out their checks to Vineyard Trailblazers Ministry Fund. If you do so for a tax deduction, please consider adding your estimated refund to your donation.. For more information, check out 501c4 Church.