Vineyard Trailblazers Church of State College

Welcome to Vineyard Trailblazers Church of State College, PA! Welcome to Vineyard Trailblazers Church of State College, PA!

Need a ride to church? Just ask! Robbie: 814-826-4801, or Autumn: 814-826-4701.

Church on Sunday

10:00 – 11:30am
Lions Community Park
424 W Pine Grove Rd
State College, PA 16865

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Call or text:
Robbie: 814-826-4801
Autumn: 814-826-4701

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Welcome to Vineyard Trailblazers!

Learn to Hear God’s Voice for Yourself!

Did you know that you yourself can hear from God directly? Here at Vineyard Trailblazers Church of State College, PA, we believe that Jesus not only loves you but also wants to live life with you, talking with you and doing stuff with you each and every day. You can hear His voice and be filled with His purpose: to love you, to restore you to the unique identity He has always had for you, and to empower you to fulfill the destiny He has designed just for you. In fact, every Sunday when we meet together, we set aside time to practice helping each other hear God for ourselves. Come meet God with us today. You won’t be disappointed.

What’s on our website?

Here you can explore our story, our mission, and the various resources and opportunities we have available for you today.
Take some time to read up on Who Is God? and peruse our Statement of Faith.
Read real-life stories of God’s miracles on our Blog, stories that have actually happened to us as we have lived with Jesus.
At Vineyard Trailblazers, we believe God has great plans for you, and it is our job to help you learn, prepare, and discover them. Sometimes life is hard, and sometimes exciting, but nothing compares to the excitement and meaning that comes from following God’s personal plan for you.
If you want to learn more about who you are and how God sees you, check out Vineyard Trailblazers Church of State College, PA. Try out our Sunday morning worship service, express interest in Alpha, or simply contact us today.

Our Vineyard Family

photos of our leaders in the Vineyard movement
“The Vineyard is a God-initiated global movement of churches with the Kingdom of God as its theological center. The Bible is our rule of faith and practice. Our desire is to know the Bible, do what it says, and experience the way of living it describes. We embrace a full range of kingdom practices from proclaiming the Good News of Jesus, to healing and deliverance, to ministry with the poor. Vineyard churches embody a praxis that includes intimate worship, actively equipping ordinary people for ministry, responding to the initiative and leading of the Holy Spirit, and joining God’s mission in the world.” Read more about Vineyard Core Values & Beliefs.

Meeting Location

Vineyard Trailblazers Church of State College meets at the Lions Club in Pine Grove Mills, PA. Contact Robbie at 814-826-4801 or Autumn at 814-826-4701 with questions.