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Church Feature: Greenville Vineyard Church, Greenville, SC

August 29, 2021 by Vineyard Trailblazers

Our first exposure to the Vineyard, and where we fell in love (with the Vineyard–we already loved each other, but Pastor Billy did marry us!), was Greenville Vineyard Church in Greenville, SC, led by Pastors Billy and Rachel Kent. Robbie had moved down to Greenville a month earlier than Autumn and tried out some churches. None seemed quite right, but when Autumn arrived, he suggested they try the Greenville Vineyard, “I’ve heard of Vineyard before. I think they’re some crazy Pentecostal church or something. Let’s go see what it’s like and then go find our real church next week!” Well, it wasn’t crazy Pentecostal, but it turned out to be the perfect church for us. What stood out most, for people who had never been to a Vineyard, was the way they prayed for us, and they meant it. Most places, if you talk to someone, they’ll say, “I’ll pray for you,” and, with good intentions, they mean the next time they think of it, if it’s convenient and if they remember. At Greenville Vineyard, they would say, “I’ll definitely pray for you. Can we pray right now?” And right then and there, they would pray, and it was amazing how God would show up. That’s what drew us into this wonderful group of churches, and we hope you, too, will experience the Vineyard way of approaching God through prayer. Everyone in the Greenville area should join the Greenville Vineyard!