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We know going to a new church for the first time can be intimidating. We want to make your first experience with the Vineyard a great one.

What can I expect?

What should I wear?

Since our founding in the Jesus Movement, the Vineyard has always been a casual and relaxed environment where everyone is welcome, from hippies to traditionalists. Don't worry about what to wear or what you look like. Come as you are, and wear what feels comfortable to you!

How long is the service?

When we do church, we spend about two hours together, although we often wish we could go longer! You can expect our service to start a few minutes after 12:00 and end by 6:00 so that we can clean up and get home for dinner.

What's it like?

Spirit-led and tailored to you. We believe the purpose of Sunday morning is for Christians to celebrate Jesus together. Our goal isn't to rush through but to spend quality time together in God's presence. We have three main parts to our Sunday church meetings:

  • Enjoy God's presence: When we worship, we flow with the Spirit and take the time to have our hearts involved. Sometimes worship is just a few songs. Other times, we feel led to do more. We always seek to make space for the Spirit, often having tiem during songs when you can pray or sing to God yourself. Also, we want our worship space to be freeing for you to worship as you wish. Some people like sitting, others standing. Some stand still, others dance. Some raise their hands, others lie down on the floor. Some cry, others are more reserved. You can worship however is best for you and God. The only stipulation is that we ask everyone to try not to distract others from their own worship with God.
  • Investing in you: "Ministry time"/prophetic encouragement is about you experiencing God for yourself. We invest time paying attention to each other personally. Every person who comes gets the opportunity to receive prophetic prayer during which we ask the Holy Spirit to speak encouraging words to you. We believe every believer can learnt o hear the Holy Spirit, and we will teach you how to hear God for yourself!
  • Learning, not just hearing: We study the Bible together every Sunday. Depending on the size and dynamics of the group, this can take the form of a typical sermon, a small group discussion, or something in between. It's not a lecture, but a time for equipping, discussing, and exploring the Bible together.

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